Yes, my secret identity has been revealed… I am the Creature from the Black Lagoon! Cower before me, puny mortals.
Sharon, Ed and Bob, our intrepid local news team, have travelled to Fossil Beach to bring this story to you, “Sharon, what can you tell us about this astonishing and unexpected occurrence?” “Well, it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Locals tell us they’d known for some time that something unusual was about to happen. They were hoping for a rain of frogs [cut to Local saying “We like ’em deep-fried in a cracker crumb crust. I reckon we’d get a fair few meals off that ‘un, but I’m not volunteering to buy the crackers!”] but were not unduly surprised when this showed up at about 9pm last night. There’s general agreement that the situation could be worse [cut to Local cab driver “I had that Yog-Sothoth in the back of my cab once”], so we’re keeping a close eye on developments.”

Yes, those are my first-ever Serious Socks. Pattern is ‘Elfine’ by Anna Bell, a free download. Note that in the side view you can just about see the vertical k1P1 that brought me up short for about 30 minutes :-) Knitted in Fleece Artist ‘Sea Storm’ merino sock, sole on 2mm circ, lace on 2.5mm circ (pattern called for 2.25 all round). What have I learned? First and foremost , I loved knitting these socks. Small enough to be completed before they’re a chore, the perfect canvas for tiny, intricate patterns. I ‘m in bare feet whenever possible, so they’ve got a long life ahead of them. What else? I’m an EU37 (UK5.5/6), depending on the width. At 64st in circumference, these are almost too small. When I make this pattern again I’ll try increasing it to 68 or even 70 stitches, which last would allow me to make the lace continuous around the leg (it’s a 10st repeat). I cast off loosely with a 4mm needle; that too is almost too tight. More width would be good. But still I love these, my first socks. How much do I love them?
I bought a pair of sandals to show off my socks. I even argued nicely with the sales person who held that no one in their right mind wears sandals and socks. Give me a few weeks and I’ll change her mind!


4 thoughts on “rrrRRAAARRrrrrgh

  1. Dawn

    They look great! So impressed. Have you seen those silly rubber boots and clogs…I just think SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT! I still haven’t measure up for my socks yet….I have to do it though. I’ve read what I need, but that is always the easy part for me!


  2. Alice

    That shop assistant is obviously a lunatic and shouldn’t be allowed out on the streets. It’s essential to wear open shoes with such work-of-art attire for the feet.Wow! I really like them. How fab! And how fortuitous that you so enjoyed bringing them into existence……..



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