Not Knitting

Well, just a bit. The socks are progressing; the glitch was due to my assumption (life keeps trying to teach me not to make assumptions) that the lace pattern would repeat around the leg without a break, but there is a break, a K1P1 running up each side of the leg. A bit of research found the author’s design blog in which she comments that she’d found a problem but thought of a work-round: I think it’s the pattern break. I also found several images of finished socks, one of which shows the same break I’ve got. Another shows someone who may have given up on it: the lace continues up the front, but the sole stockinette runs all the way to the top of the leg at the back.
This morning I’m not thinking about knitting. I’m working, and wishing I was somewhere else, because on a day like this the landscape would look like this

but greener. That was taken in November looking WNW from Coire Mhic Fearchair on the northern slope of Beinn Eighe. Clockwise from left you see the dark slope of Carn na Feola (Beinn Dearg), then in the distance the shape of Baosbheinn, then Beinn an Eòin, then (closer) Beinn a Chearcaill. Google Earth will show you where this is, although on my machine the mountain names are displaced to the southwest. Just go to the Isle of Skye, then move east/inland from Raasay to Torridon and have a look around :-/

I don’t care about midges, I want to be there so badly I can almost smell the warm peat, feel the breeze on my skin. The flip side of the desire for something more that drives so much creativity is dissatisfaction with one’s current lot in life. Memo to self: remember the title of your blog. There’s bound to be something to enjoy today, even if it’s a forced sense of accomplishment when 30pp of proof text stutters out of the printer to be sent to an author. Faithful Henchcat says “Just feed me chicken when I wake up. What more could you want?”



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