I should be working, but

I’ve done other stuff. Then I went and visited the sari silk making a mess in the bath, remembered that I’d mentioned the rock I was using as a weight, and wondered whether anyone else would like to see some pictures of where it came from.

So… to start, here’s a larger version of My Photo (I look like any other person you see on the street; there’s a sense in which these photos say more about me than my face does), which will also show me what blogger’s photo resampling does… not too bad. That was taken from a viewpoint (roughly Lat 57°34’12.45″N, Long 5°37’59.58″W according to Google Earth) looking southeast-ish over Upper Loch Torridon in what I think is the most beautiful, emotive landscape I’ve seen: the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. The mountains are Torridonian sandstone, layers of magenta, rust-red or maroon depending on the sunlight (if you can see them; it does rain quite a lot). The Diabaig Formation (the rippled rock weighting the skein) comes from the very bottom of the Torridonian; you can’t see it here, but if I turned around and walked west for about a half-mile from the viewpoint I’d be in Upper Diabaig, looking at the hairpin bend in the road where he stopped the car so I could take a picture, a rock fragment, and a philosophical lesson. I like the way that water still flows over the ripples, a reminder of the water that shaped them nearly a billion years ago more info. I won’t worry about the sari silk. Life’s too short. If the threads tangle I can cut and knot them as I knit.

I can work tomorrow.


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