Two Hours

Two hours Sunday morning:
Can you see the difference? I can’t either. Except for ‘A’ which is where I removed the giant dandelion that’s been mocking me all winter. ‘B’ is an olive tree that’s survived outside for the last 10 years. Just barely; it would help if I remembered to water it occasionally. Even an olive tree needs some water when planted in a tub. ‘C’ is the path to our door, which is beautiful in an architectural way but extraordinarily ugly if viewed as a functional item. Something Will Be Done about this soon.

Two hours Sunday afternoon:
In a manner of speaking. I have to confess (because this is a place for honesty: the magnitude of my achievements is best appreciated by contrast with the depths of my stupidity) that two hours of Saturday afternoon were required as well. I had planned to spend that time spinning, getting to grips with the wheel, but I could NOT get the yarn to build up on the bobbin. The twist built until the yarn broke, but I just couldn’t persuade the bobbin to rotate. Or so it seemed. I tried everything I could think of, finally rang P&M Woolcraft from whom I bought the wheel (very, very nice people) to explain the problem, adding that the fault was undoubtedly mine, but I’d be very grateful if someone could spare 5 minutes to show me what I was doing wrong. I raced over with the wheel, arriving at 1545 (they close at 1600) and yes, it did take only 5 minutes. For some reason I was expecting this wheel to ‘pull’ the way the Ashford Joy at Handweavers’ did. That wheel almost ripped the forming yarn from my fingers. This one doesn’t, I have to be more sensitive and feed the yarn to it gently. I practiced sensitivity and gratitude by buying 250g of bamboo roving and about the same again of tussah silk (I’ll be ready for it one day, I swear.), as well as the new Interweave ‘Favourite Socks‘. Must… knit… faster…

I was going to ply this lot tomorrow, but Alden Amos says it’s best to wind newly spun singles onto another bobbin before plying, so I’ll do a shuffle of yarn on bobbins tomorrow and then find out what it looks like plied. I’m fairly sure I’ll dislike the stripiness, although I have thought of a yarn I should be able to make with these colours that could make socks. Even if BFL socks won’t last very long! But I may have found a home for yarn I make that’s of decent quality even if I hate the colours: a local Freecycler has just asked for yarn and any tools used in fibre arts. I’ve asked for more details.

Have another photo.
Nestled behind the bobbins is one of my cherished ‘hose in hose’ double primroses. These are reputedly Elizabethan in origin, hence the name. They’re not entirely happy in this garden; I usually manage to keep three or four plants by dint of frequent, careful division and replanting. Meanwhile the common ‘wild’ primrose is marching along the borders smothering all before it in a mass of pale yellow flowers.

Another two hours today and you can see a difference in the garden: two inches of bark mulch covering the remains of my battles with the weeds. Oh, and my left knee is twingeing unhappily. Never mind, if I can’t go to the gym I can always knit instead. Anyone else think getting up at 0515 to knit is a cunning plan?


3 thoughts on “Two Hours

  1. Joanne

    I don’t know about getting up at 5:15 to do anything at all–used to have this wake up time when I taught high school, I no longer ever consider it! More power to you if you’re so motivated!I’d say: take Alden Amos with a grain of salt. I never transfer my yarns off of one bobbin to another. It seems like a grand waste of energy to me…but then, I am not a perfectionist! Aren’t spinners nice to keep their shop open for you? I visited a Victoria this weekend just to see what you’re spinning on. Very nice!We too are beating the garden into submission and I’m feeling twingey for no reason all of a sudden…ahh, the dangers of pulling out weeds! :)


  2. Mrs J

    I love the double primrose! I must try and track one down. My pretty lilac ones seem to have recovered from last weeks cold anyway. I am in awe of your spinning (and I love the colour!). Sunday certainly was a good day for gardening & today was far to nice to be at work!


  3. Alice

    Sarah, your garden looks interesting, and gives the impression that someone actually cares about it. I really haven’t done much gardening for about three years, and it shows. But I do have two olive trees that have survived my neglect, as well as snow and frost.I like your path; I think it’s rather attractive.



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