It’s been a quiet weekend

in part due to intermittent internet access. Probably rock-solid while I was out. Also in part due to the cats and I having the house to ourselves. It’s very quiet indeed, and I get to drive his car (Polo TDi) which I must confess is quieter (and nicer) than mine (ancient Polo 1.4). Don’t tell my car I said that, or it will seek revenge. I must remember to do ‘Six Weird Things’ sometime. I want to prove I’m weirder (is that a word?) than the majority, which is in itself a bit strange.

*** Prizes! ***

First, my sincere apologies for not posting this earlier. Mrs J (Sue) and Alice have won birthday prizes… parcels on the way as soon as I know where to send them. I promise to include only nice stuff. Well, stuff I think is nice. Anyone not wanting chocolate should speak now or forever hold their peace.


His sock saga continues. I think I established that the colour of the Amalgator Socks is part of the problem. Persuading him to think about colour and then put his thoughts into words and speak them is a bit like extracting hen’s teeth would be if I could find a toothed hen. Are all men like this? Fortunately I know he likes blue and he likes the feel of the first socks in Cherry Tree Hill yarn. This information was filed in the back of my mind when I went to the Tuesday evening spinning session in a village about 10 minutes away. There are spinners and knitters everywhere, just out of sight, and I never knew it. About half the 15 people there were spinning; the rest were knitting or crocheting. As the only person present who does two socks at once on two circulars, I’ve been asked to show this to the sock-knitters next session. I was tempted – still am tempted – to investigate the other two-socks-at-once technique, but that would be showing off. Wouldn’t it? So his next socks, in CTH ‘Green Mountain Madness’ will serve to show how to tighten the cast-on *and* if I knit fast they could be a homecoming present. In return for the yarn he’s bringing back for me :-)

But all this and spinning too means MY next socks are delayed. And that’s hard, because I really like the way they look so far *sniff*
All soft and sproingy and amber. I like amber even more than treacle. I wonder, would a half-hour spent knitting my socks tonight really matter? I’ve got nearly three weeks to finish his. On the other hand, I could just try that sock-in-sock idea. Who knows, it might be even more effective than the two circulars. I owe it to myself to try it sometime…

Almost forgot: the pattern is Cookie A’s ‘Monkey‘ in Kirsty’s ‘Seat by the Fire‘ hand-dyed sock yarn. Incidentally, if you’re in need of a cool and complex sock pattern, check these.


4 thoughts on “It’s been a quiet weekend

  1. Alice

    Sarah, thank you for…making me stop and think about hens’ teeth (!), the link to those great sock patterns, reassuring me that there really are knitters out there, just out of sight though they may be (real-people knitters), and for THE PRIZE. And also for such an enjoyable read every time!I really like that glorious, buttery yarn, by the way. Mmmm.


  2. Joanne

    Ahh, the pleasures of being on your own. Unlimited sock knitting? I am just back from my trip and slightly overtired. Hopefully I’ll visit with you more when I’ve had a rest. Spring break travel from Florida is a nightmare…



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