Sharing or gloating?

You decide.
The box was smaller than I’d expected for such a momentous purchase, and not at all heavy. Shipped on the day of my order by P & M Woolcraft. If I’d had a car I might have spent a morning collecting it in person, but the amount I might have spent on additional stuff while I was there doesn’t bear thinking about.

A copy of the assembly instructions is the first thing to be seen. Seems sensible.

A handle, it’s got a handle!!

A pocket, it’s got a zip-up pocket!!
Clearly the suspense is affecting my mental processes. How about you?

Dyson waits for 500g of blue-faced leicester roving to make a move.
Some additional fibre seemed a good idea, given the speed with which a wheel eats the stuff. There were several hand-spun, hand-knitted BFL sweaters at the spinners’ meeting; it’s a great favourite despite pilling quite badly. Can’t be helped, that’s what soft yarns do.

Disappointed by the roving’s unwillingness to play, he settles for licking some plastic. I wish he wouldn’t do that. Look at the wheel! It’s so compact, so neatly packed…

Another copy of the instructions was folded carefully under the wheel. They’re scarcely needed, though. It’s completely straightfoward. If you’re interested, look carefully and you’ll see that the bottom/side of the bag is hardboard. The rubber feet of the wheel fit neatly into holes in the board, to ensure the wheel is held securely as you tighten the straps that hold it against the board. The wheel also seems to be a model of elegant simplicity. Dyson is sulking because I’ve stopped him executing a riff on the drive band to demonstrate that the wheel is also a musical instrument.

Dyson is now in the box attacking something only he can see. How fortunate we are, to have such a noble, alert beast defending us from hazard. I must reward him with gooshy food

But first I must get back to work. Bother!


3 thoughts on “Sharing or gloating?

  1. Joanne

    Alas, it’s been “the work” that’s been keeping from reading your blog. What a momentous occasion, (and i missed it)! Thank you to Dyson for making such a fuss over everything for me…cause if I were there, I’d be saying “Wooohooo! A wheel! It’s a wheel! Sarah’s got a wheel!” Congratulations. Use it in good health.



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