Pointy UP, pointy UP…

I’ll explain that in due course :-)

First, I thought I’d show you why my sister deserves 1000m of Sea Silk. Some pre-wedding photos are up (scroll down to August 9). See?* And Jonathan deserves the alpaca/silk scarf. I’m enjoying the Kiri; it’s pleasantly almost mindless. I have to make some more stitch markers, though: if I don’t pay some attention I’ll have do a lot of this
and although I do in fact enjoy doing that, I’m now on the 5th repeat and I’m willing to bet it’s less fun the further down I have to rip. Lifeline? Might be worth doing.

I have been good this morning. Been to the gym and my duff knee was fine; sadly it is now objecting to kneeling to edge the path after cutting the grass (I can feel it heating as I sit here. I think I’ll ice it after I finish this, just on principle… hurrah, more knitting time!). Printed out what might be proofs for a leaflet. So I cut lunch short to work on the Shell Tank. Pick up 102 stitches from right front around back… OK. I counted first to see how many stitches already existed in the garment and depending on how many I fudge on the vertical bits (I grafted the shoulder!) it’s not far off 102 if I pick up every second stitch. So there I sat, muttering “Pointy UuP, pointy UuuuP, pointy UuuP” where ‘UuuP’ marks the crochet hook plunging into the next pointy-up stitch to pick up the yarn to go onto the needle. I’m glad no one was there to hear me except the Knitting Supervisor.

The Knitting Supervisor.

I’ve already done one ‘pick up and knit’ for the rib on the bottom of the right front. This was one of the details that enticed me to knit this: the shape of the right front makes the stitches run at an angle, and the ribbing comes off at a slightly different angle. I like that. I’m even happy with what I’ve achieved because the ribbing stitches (well, most of the stitches) seem to flow properly out of the stockinette. As Alice said, “Sometimes when we expect less we seem to end up with more”.

* Some of you may have noticed we don’t resemble each other. That’s because technically she’s my half-sister. But I’m so proud of her (she’s witty and funny as well as beautiful) that I claim closer kinship in the hope that something will rub off :-)


1 thought on “Pointy UP, pointy UP…

  1. Alice

    How on earth do you re-knit the bits you’ve ripped out? I could do it with plain knits and purls, but not all the other stuff. Use lifelines. It only takes a minute to thread one through – it’s got to be worth it, just in case anything goes beyond the point where you can put it right.Love that ribbing on your Shell Tank. Unusual, and very pleasing.Beautiful sister, photography and Knitting Supervisor.



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