Sockheel III: this time it’s personal

I WILL triumph. That’s a sock, an inanimate object. I’m a reasonably intelligent human being. I can outthink a sock. See? Note the markers indicating the yarnovers (on the needles). Try to ignore the beaded markers which were accidentally strung on the lifeline marking the halfway point. Yup. A lifeline, on a sock. Desperate times demand desperate measures.

Perhaps I was over-confident as a result of the relative ease, or sheer luck(!) with which I mastered, well, completed the ‘wrapped stitch’ heels. Perhaps I just wasn’t paying sufficient attention. Perhaps it’s the fuzziness and occasional thinning of this yarn that makes it easier to knit or purl the wrong number of stitches so that when one side of the heel was neatly finished, 5 or so stitches remained on the other side. Was I imagining things, or did I hear them sniggering? This time things will be different: I will prevail!


4 thoughts on “Sockheel III: this time it’s personal

  1. Alice

    Haven’t performed that kind of manoeuvre before! You keep beating me to all these things I should be doing myself. Sorry, can’t be of any help.Just seen your pizza post (haven’t done much blogging lately). I’m waiting for some noodles to cook, so I’ll read it later, when my evening meal isn’t at risk. Looks interesting.


  2. triciahill

    Hi, I found your blog while Googling “Sea silk handmaiden kimono shawl”, as I also have 200g of the same colourway of the sea silk and it is saying Kimono shawl to me too! I have cast on same no. of stitches as the pattern on the same size needles and i thought you might be interested in my initial results. I knit only 10 rows of garter stitch and then moved on to the pattern repeat. After one repeat (24 rows) i weighed the yarn and found i had 85 g or so left. That means (my maths is not brilliant) that assuming 5g for the 10 rows of garter stitch, I can do another 18 repeats of the pattern. The first repeat blocked out roughly to about 9 cm, so with 19 repeats in total I should have a shawl a little over 180 cm in length. I think that will be long enough, so I’m not going to buy any more yarn – sorry I didn’t see your blog before you bought some more! Still, there’s no such thing as too much Handmaiden Sea Silk, if you ask me. I hope to see more of the progress of your Kimono shawl – the yarn looks beautiful in the pattern.


  3. sarah

    Alice, believe me, you don’t need to be doing that to a sock. You know how to manage them! Mine are still taking advantage of my inexperience. As for the pizza, I hope the recipe proves useful.


  4. sarah

    Hullo Tricia, and thanks for that. I hadn’t thought of just calculating how large a shawl I could make with what I had but, as you say, one can’t have too much Sea Silk. The new batch is very different, so I’ve found some other patterns that seem suitable for the first lot, including ‘Antique Lace’ and ‘Urban Goddess’ by Ilga Leja (I’m certain the top is sold as a Sea Silk kit), and Sivia Harding’s ‘Gothic Leaf Stole’. One of these will be a lovely gift for my sister.



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