Normal service will now resume…

I tried to post yesterday but Blogger stopped talking to me when I tried to upload this photo. Is someone trying to tell me something? It can’t be a complaint about the Moebius cowl because *that* is lovely. I didn’t want to take it off, it curls around my neck like a warm cat — the only thing missing is a purr. And I think my cunning plan worked: just look at how much yarn is left over. If anyone else wants to know: I used 66yds of yarn for the lace edge (I did 8 rows/4 pattern repeats instead of the 3 repeats in the pattern because I liked the look of it) and the edge. Next time I make one — and there will be a next time — I’ll measure 66yds as a separate ball and Just Knit the rest. I could make it slightly smaller in diameter, too.

And as you can see the refurbishing is finished. The heddles slide smoothly on shafts like silk, and every dent in the reed has been polished. I will never, ever buy a carbon steel reed. Ever. Stainless steel rules. And after several delays, long thoughtful pauses, a lot of cursing and some re-threading I have successfully put my first warp on by myself. Back to front because that doesn’t require help. I’ve only ever seen it done about 3 times and helped once, so I was actually surprise by how (relatively) easy it was. Thanks, Melanie! There is in fact some weaving on there, just enough to show that my weaving cunning plan may be working. The twill seems to be twilling as I hoped, although an error in the design (NOT the threading, I’ve checked every time I notice it) has led to a doubled pair of threads (one is on shaft 12 and one on shaft 1, if I recall correctly). I suppose I could just cut one out of the warp… have to think about that. The weft is not working quite as I hoped at the moment, but I’ve only just started sampling. I pulled out a skein of Touch Yarns laceweight in purple/grey/black that might look interesting behind the white silk warp. Although the strength of the contrast might kill the purple. Sample, sample, sample…

And finally, a swatch! I must have grown up, I’m actually taking time to do things properly. This is Handmaiden silk/wool on (well, off, really) 4mm needles. I made it long enough that I could block *half* of it so the swatch would record the difference for future reference or posterity, which ever comes first. I am going to knit the cap-sleeve top. Or try to knit it. Something about that photo makes me wonder if it will fit across real shoulders. But I read that top-down knitting allows me to test it as I go, and if it doesn’t work I might try to make a Picovili instead.


3 thoughts on “Normal service will now resume…

  1. Alice

    I have coveted the Lady Godiva yarn but have been thinking the shipping charges must be quite high. The cap-sleeve top really looks nice. I’d like to try that but my tension goes so up and down, I’m better off making socks and shawls at the moment!


  2. sarah

    The shipping cost varies according to who you buy from and how they ship it. If it’s sent via a carrier (DHL & similar), then it’s expensive *and* they collect customs dues (VAT) on behalf of HMG *and* they charge you extra for doing so. Standard US postal service is cheaper and sometimes Customs misses it, downside being if it goes missing in the post I think there’s no comeback. The stuff I’m knitting came from Tidal Brook Yarns on eBay (Kathleen is extremely nice): total cost of purchase was US$246; shipping was US$20. Customs was c.£24 +£4 Post Office handling charge on top of that. Expensive, but the yarns are gorgeous.I haven’t gone too far with the top. I can manage consistent tension (it’s consistently too tight :-) but I’m wondering just how a tube (that’s what it is) is going to suit me. The model in the picture looks a little bit ‘posed’ I’m debating Picovili instead (free pattern from Magknits).regardssarah


  3. Alice

    Thanks for the yarn info. I’ll have a look at Tidal Brook.The Magknits pattern sits higher on the arm, doesn’t it? But there is something lovely about that cap-sleeve top. Sometimes I try wearing a very sheer and close-fitting top underneath a garment where I’m not sure about it suiting my arms (in the right colours, of course!)



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