A finished object!

Thumbelina is finished. It’s shown flat for the moment, which suffices (in reality if not in RGB) to display the lovely colours of the Colinette Giotto in Jay. It fits well enough; the flaws are down to the design. As I suspected, there is something unusual about the intersection of sleeve, collar/side and back, but the flexibility of the yarn copes with it. It does drape beautifully. I will use it again, perhaps for a pullover — the combination of subtle rayon glitter and the design makes this cardigan too showy for everyday use. Now that I look at it again, I think the model’s pose in the Akashya book suggests there is something funny about the fit. The back wants to ride low, with the back/collar seam about 2-3″ below my shoulders, but if I pull it up properly it works. The back seems a trifle narrow, but blocking carefully stretched it a bit. I wish I’d bothered to research all these finishing techniques *decades* ago: it makes such a difference to the fit.

On the needles now is my first attempt at Cat Bordhi’s Moebius Cowl in Fleece Artist cashmere, a shade similar to Forest Midnight. It’s absolutely gorgeous, although the yarn is showing signs of wear after I had to frog the first two attempts; foolish of me to try to do — and count — my first MCO while watching a film after a half-bottle of wine. It’s sitting on a fetching camouflage Go-Knit pouch which is just big enough for the yarn, needles and pattern. I haven’t yet tried hanging it from my belt to knit while I walk; perhaps I should try it on the treadmill on Wednesday :-) The stitch marker is one of my own in silver and amber with one of Corina’s lampwork beads.

I miss Sana. She was A Cat Who Walked By Herself, not very sociable (and all places were the same to her, bar the gap on the highest bookshelf and the warm top of the TV). We tried not to impose on her. I hope, I fervently wish that she had all the attention she desired and no more than she wanted.


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