Further procrastination seems harmless…

I don’t know how, but most of the day seems to have crept past without my noticing. Perhaps while I was baking bread, shopping, cleaning the loo (toilet to NAmericans) or complaining about the showers at the gym, if I’d looked up I’d have seen the day looking sheepish as it tried to sneak out. Oh, well. I did do some work, cleaning up scans and typesetting. Then I had a worrying thought. I’m knitting a sweater, my first knitting project for over a decade, and I’m trying to do it right (I swatched and everything). Now I’ve started worrying about the pattern: ‘Thumbelina’ in the Colinette Akashya book. It’s interesting; the back and sleeves (I even calculated the length I want and reworked the pattern to get it. I hope) are normal. The front/sides and collar are all one long rectangular strip of stockinette: start at the bottom of the right front and just keep knitting. The bottom of the strip is turned up to make a pocket on one side. It seems to me that there’s a sort of corner/angle formed by the top of the sleeve and the shoulder seam of the back. The strip has no shaping for this; if there’s any corner at all, the front/collar will fit it by distorting its shape as it’s sewn in. Will it look bad? Untidy? What do I do? I wonder whether that long front/collar strip could have any other use…

Yes! I can hide my embarrassment. The Giotto is lovely: the rayon ribbon edge takes a deeper colour than the cotton ribbon, and it adds a very subtle glitter. It has the potential to look very elegant if I don’t let the side down. The photo in the mirror works well, considering.

The Pink Thing is growing, too. It’s a scarf. For someone else. I couldn’t wear those colours even if I wanted to! I ripped out the lace and invented a pattern: stockinette in a 6st block of knit, 6 st purl, 6st knit, with edges. Continue the block as long as I like, then reverse. Some of the knit blocks are cabled, some of the purls are lacy (generally a dismal failure) or garter stitch. I’m really beginning to like it, but can’t decide if it’s Art or just bad knitting. He says bad knitting; my weaving class said Art. I reserve judgement until after I rip back and cut out the orange and red that look very unpleasant with the pale pink. That seems to be the trick with this stuff; when you come to a colour that doesn’t work, just cut that section out and carry on with something nicer. I might add some beads in a couple of the purl panels, too. Tiny bronze glass glittery things, small glints of light to highlight the parallel lines.

The flowers know it’s spring even if we had a hard frost this morning…


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