Thank you

All those who emailed to ask how things were going. I’m a bit stunned, really: I hadn’t realised I had acquired so many friends in far away places. If I could, I’d host a party for us all. (Does anyone else script the music for things like that? I’ve even made notes about what those attending my funeral should be forced to listen to enjoy :-)

Yes, it’s OK. My in-laws left for Canada on Friday; father-in-law looking worlds better. Our house is now very, very clean: I have verified that, when stressed, I find stuff to do and do it to excess. The first thing I did whenever I was alone in the house for the last three weeks was clean something. Anything. Scrub the living daylights out of it. Talk about displacement activity!
No murders were committed, I did not bang my head against a wall publicly or privately. I did, however, hide in the bathroom with a book, I chewed my cuticles until they bled (sorry if that’s TMI), and I bought quite a lot of yarn…

Some of it rather expensive :-( That’s 1500m of Cherry Tree Hill ‘Orenburg Lace’ yarn in natural. I’ve wasted? spent? enjoyed? quite a lot of time trying to decide on a pattern that will do justice to it. I haven’t made a final decision but perhaps Three-cornered and Long Shawls will be helpful (is ‘helpful’ the right word?).

Lace is good. That’s the Swallowtail Shawl in Das Schneeshaf’s Marisilk, ‘Golden Bamboo’. I even enjoyed the nupps. The colour is very nearly right on my monitor: it’s a subtle grey/gold that almost exactly matches bits of my hair. Complicated lace is very good indeed as a distraction from whatever ails you AND (even better) it scares everyone else so they don’t talk to you. Or perhaps that was the fierce frown (of concentration) on my face? As soon as I’d finished that I cast on for Wing o’ the Moth but, as I waved farewell on Friday, the desperate drive to lace ebbed away. Summer’s over. There’s an autumnal edge to the wind, which smells of burning leaves and freshly ploughed soil. I must bite the bullet and knit some real clothing soon, things that will keep me warm. First, after a weekend spent listening to loud-ish music and eating our meals on the couch in front of the TV, I must do some work to pay for all the yarn. There is more, you know. It just hasn’t arrived yet!


7 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Mrs J

    Firstly, I am delighted that ‘things’ are returning to normal! I guessed they were through your Ravelry activity! I had spotted the shawl & thought it beautiful. I do tend to think through possible scenarios although as far as me falling off the planet is concerning I have only threatened to haunt those who remain if they should even think about putting plastic flowers on my tomb stone (after seeing said offending items in a graveyard with a location …to die for(?) by the sea on North Uist)!!!!!!!!! I may iron to excess when stressed by over occupation of our house? hmmm I must watch out for the danger signs. Nasty thing, stress!


  2. Mindie

    Glad that everything has worked out well in the end, even though you spent some time locked in the bathroom – I am so with you on that one, up until now I’ve only ever met one other person apart from me that has done that and he also takes a huge mug of tea! Stress eh! I can’t believe that yarn, it looks so beautiful, I can see why you need something really special for it. Buying yarn really does seem to fill a gap sometimes doesn’t it? Relieved all is ok.


  3. knitseashore

    I smiled when I read your comment about cleaning. Other than mindless garter stitch, it seems to be the best therapy ever for dealing with stress! It’s our attempt to organize a very disorderly world. When my house gets cluttered, that stresses me out even more. Then I hit the tea kettle with a vengeance. And find cups all over the house I’d forgotten about, LOL!Your lace is beautiful. I so understand wanting to find a worthy pattern for such a special wool. Can’t wait to see what you decide on.


  4. Joanne

    You deserve all the yarn. All of it! It’s also A-OK for one to be honest (but kind) with the in-laws. These situations are stressful for everyone, all round. I’m glad that things came out ok and you’re back to yourself again! I’ve been there, and it isn’t fun…you can’t blame anyone when someone just gets very ill. I may have been less well behaved than you were!



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